Enhanced services for Partnership’s outpatient network

In an effort to find ways to support our loyal outpatient clinicians in small and medium sized groups and Community Health Centers, Partnership HealthPlan surveyed these providers to see what they would prefer as far as Partnership helping with various office services.  After analyzing the results, we are pleased to announce some enhanced services and other ways we will support our clinical providers.

Discounted Shredding and Information Storage Services

Partnership HealthPlan has an account with Datasafe, a Fairfield-based data storage and destruction company.  Services include shredding, chart storage, data storage, hard drive destruction, and others.  Datasafe has committed to offer a discount to Partnership’s Provider network.  Learn more from their website:  www.datasafe.com or contact account manager Mr. Stan Ford at 650-875-3800 or email him at sford@datasafe.com and a representative can meet with you to learn about your data storage and destruction needs and offer a competitive quote. 

Translation Services

Since its inception, Partnership HealthPlan has given its provider network access to telephone-based translation services to meet state and federal government regulatory requirements.  This service had previously been limited to Partnership HealthPlan members.  As an enhanced service to support our providers and our community, Partnership HealthPlan will now allow our outpatient provider network to also use our telephone translation service even for patients not currently enrolled in Partnership

Details on how to access the translation line can be found on the Partnership website, in the “on-line services” section, which requires a username and log-in.  Contact your provider relations representative if you have a staff member who needs on-line access.

In late 2012, we will assess how much additional money was required to provide translation services to all patients who need it. We may need to reassess this program if the added expense of providing universal translation services is too high.

Medical Assistant Training

Partnership has researched options for education of Medical Assistants to improve their skills and expertise.  Staff member David Hoang has prepared a 6 page summary and analysis, which is available on request through provider relations.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Partnership is working with community stakeholders to move forward rapidly on a regional Health Information Exchange.  Challenges to HIE are technical, political, and cultural. We cannot drive this process, but we will support it with our leadership team time and energy.  Partnership has offered to be the incubator organization for a new not-for-profit HIE organization, and will likely offer (with other stakeholder organizations) financial support as well.

Data sharing

Partnership is building a data warehouse (slated for completion in late 2013) and is building its data analyst capacity in the same time-frame.  We are committed to building the capacity to share actionable data that will improve quality and value of services in our network. 

Convening Learning Collaborative Meetings

The Partnership Quality and Performance Improvement Department is convening or partnering with other organizations on a number of learning collaborative meetings around Quality Improvement, Perinatal Care, Telemedicine, End of Life Care, Office Spirometry, Hospital Readmission and becoming a Patient Centered Medical Home.  We are committed to using this method to accelerate spread of best practices throughout our network. 

Practice Coaching

Our Quality and Performance Improvement Department and Medical Directors have begun some practice coaching activities.  We plan to expand coaching activities in coming years to help our providers improve the quality and value of care of our members. 

*         *         *

These enhanced services demonstrate the mission of Partnership HealthPlan, to help improve the health of our members and the community we serve, by supporting and valuing our network of outpatient physicians, non-physician clinicians, medical groups, and Community Health Centers.  We really believe that we can best accomplish this through a partnership with you.

Robert Moore, MD, MPH

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